for Tri-Cities, WA

Our CSA program serves the communities of Hermiston, Oregon and the Tri-Cities, WA area and other smaller communities in the immediate vicinity. We provide a wide variety of fresh vegetables that are in season. Our CSA program offers a flexible plan that allows you to choose the level of participation that you want as well as a shopping basket approach that allows you to choose the vegetables you want each week. Deliveries are made for a minimum of 20 weeks from about mid-May through early October.

Examples of the early produce would be radishes, lettuce, beets, carrots, kale, cucumbers, summer squash, spinach, etc. Examples of the later produce are corn, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, peppers, onions, potatoes, winter squash, and other melons. Some of the early produce will continue throughout the season.

View/Print Our 2016 CSA Sign Up Sheet



How Our CSA Works and Cost:

1. Members pay an amount to purchase X shares that would entitle them to X number of items for the season.


2. As examples, an item would be 1 melon, 1 head of lettuce, 4 ears of corn, 1lb. of beans, 2-3 peppers, a dozen carrots and so on.


3. Members may purchase shares as follows:


$195 = 60 shares for approximately 3 items per week
$260 = 80 shares for approximately 4 items per week
$325 = 100 shares for approximately 5 items per week
$390 = 120 shares for approximately 6 items per week
$455 = 140 shares for approximately 7 items per week
$520 = 160 shares for approximately 8 items per week
$585 = 180 shares for approximately 9 items per week
$650 = 200 shares for approximately 10 items per week


4. Produce will be delivered in bulk to a designated pickup point at a designated time. Members bring their own containers and then choose for themselves the items desired.


5. Members then report the number of items taken to a representative for Finley’s Fresh Produce, who will enter that information each week in a spreadsheet and keep a running total of how many shares remain available to each member.


6. If a member misses a week they could then use their excess shares from that week over the next 2-3 weeks but not all in one week.


7. Each member has the flexibility to use the shares as they wish (i.e. less in the early season, more during the height of the season). However, it would be expected that the members would generally use some shares each week.


8. A member may not take more than 3 shares more than their average on any given week unless arrangements are made ahead of the delivery day.


9. A member may not take more than 2 of any one item unless arrangements are made ahead of the delivery day.


10. All shares must be used in the current season. The shares cannot be carried forward to the next season.


11. Once shares are purchased there are no refunds.



Advantages of Belonging to Our CSA:

  1. Allows more flexibility to the shareholder.
  2. Fresh, high quality, pesticide free, locally grown produce.
  3. Personal contact with the grower.
  4. Since it is already paid for, no need to worry about whether you have enough cash that day.


How to Join CSA:
                           It's easy! Just follow these 4 steps:


1.  Determine your level of participation/ amount you purchase
2.   Print out 2016 CSA Sign Up Sheet.
3. Fill it out completely indicating the amount you want to purchase




Mail the sign up sheet with your payment to us at:
                              Finley's Fresh Produce
                              80728 Cooney Lane
                              Hermiston OR   97838


 If you have any questions, please contact through e mail
or call John at 541 571 2515.